Our Brands

Crafting artful sushi is what SushiArt is all about: a treat for the eyes and for the palate. From the ambiance of the restaurants, to the delightful sushi lunchbox delivered to your door.

Our traditional sushi with a modern, French twist is made with premium ingredients, offering bespoke, signature dishes you won’t find anywhere else, expertly crafted by world-renowned chefs.


Kababji is an authentic Lebanese restaurant. Ever since opening the doors to our first restaurant in 1993 and lighting the coals of our grill, it has been our intention to spread the flavor of Authentic Lebanese cooking to every corner of the globe.  

We believe that the taste of our succulent grill is a gift from our culture to the rest of the world, a culinary treasure that we continue to share with you. No shortcuts just fresh, fantastic ingredients, exceptional cooking and mouthwatering flavors.


Joga is a neighborhood eatery. We have been serving nutritious, delicious and wholesome meals since 2004. Enjoy our made to order sandwiches, wraps, salads, fresh juices, smoothies or decadent sweet-treats at any time of the day.

Our purpose is to help you Eat Your Joy!​


The best burritos, bowls and quesadillas, in real California style. Choose your own toppings from a selection of fresh, never frozen ingredients. 

When you order Tortilla, you know you’re getting quality, feel-good food that tastes amazing.


Pokai offers authentic Hawaiian cuisine and fresh, wholesome ingredients. Beautiful bowls brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables, fine fish and meats, celebrating the traditional flavours of ponzu, teriyaki, yuzu, wasabi and many others: all sure to pack a punch.​


Alien Burger is inspired by the secrets of the galaxy and beyond, using recipes even older and more profound than the creation of the universe itself. Extraterrestrial burgers created with a top-secret recipe, guaranteed to take your tastebuds out of this world.​


Mashrou3 Tabkha is a home-grown restaurant, transporting you back to those memories of coming home after a long day at school or work, arriving to see a warm plate of good-old homemade dishes filled with earthy spices and herbs, fresh vegetables, tender meats and, most importantly, with love. Nothing is more satisfying than a taste of home delivered to you when you need it the most. ​


In the old, West-Germanic language, the male chicken was called a Khannjo, which literally translates into English as “bird who sings for sunrise.”​

At Kanjo, all our chicken is prepared fresh to order using our secret buttermilk marinade, then fried to a perfect, golden crisp every time. We focus on freshness and taste: every bite from Kanjo is a small bite of golden sunrise.​

House of Popcorn, Desserts & More. We’re the purveyors of all things sweet, snacky and downright delicious. 

Need a selection of treats to accompany your evening Netlfix marathon, or maybe just a little something for that dessert stomach of yours? We’ve got you covered. From waffles, to cookies, to nachos to popcorn: we do it all with your munching needs in mind.

Homemade Bespoke Burgers.

Let your tastebuds take flight: allow us to take you on a journey of flavours across the globe. From the USA to Mexico, France, Switzerland, the Middle East and even to the Far East. There’s a burger for every occasion. Classic American, Double Cheese, Chicken Mango Habanero, Levant and more.  ​


Bringing you always fresh, always delicious meals to get you through your day, from morning until night. Start your morning off right with a wholesome breakfast from Breakfast Up, followed by a vibrant, healthy lunch from Salad Up and finish by rounding off your day with a hearty, filled wrap from Wrap Up.​

There’s an Up Brand for every occasion.​

The best rotisserie chicken outside of France. Marinated overnight in a special herb blend, slow roasted and crisped up on the spit, out free range, corn fed chickens sourced directly from France are perfectly juicy with a signature golden-brown skin. French roots, from London with love, now here to roost in the UAE: bon appetit.

Rosa’s Thai has humble beginnings rooted in authenticity, starting as a market stall in London’s Brick Lane in 2007 where Thai chef Saiphin Moore served her time-honoured family recipes to hungry lunchtime crowds. Fast forward 15+ years and Rosa’s has over 33 locations throughout the UK and its first international site in Dubai. Combining modern London with the heart and soul of Bangkok, Rosa’s Thai Dubai celebrates Thai flavours, Thai cooking & Thai vibes.